Friday, 1 April 2011

My first blog post !!!! Yuppieeeeee !!!!!

Hello everyone !!!! Welcome to my first and only blog that is entirely dedicated to my extreme love and passion for scrapbooking. Since I am new to the blogging world, I have not been able to make a mark on my blog as far as backgrounds and color themes are concerned. But it seems quite simple and soothing to me. I hope you get the same vibes when you visit it.

Drawing, painting, sketching and craft has always been media for me to express my feelings and deeper thoughts. it is implied that I will be using this blog for the same purpose. When I came across with scrapbooking a few months ago while browsing, I was upset when I could not find many scrapbook resources in India. But many of my new girl-friends' blogs and forums came to my rescue and I have a group now with whom I can exchange all the news and views and excitement related to scrapbooking. Therefore I would like to thank, yes in my very first post itself, Asha, Karuna, Tejal, Mansi and Sudha for the wonderful support and scrapbooking supplies !!!! Keep it up gals !!! All of you rock !!!

This is it and I will be posting one of my recently created card in a new post in a couple of minutes :P. I know this is a very odd time to start with a blog and post a new page but this shows my craziness for the art. Bye.

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